Cleansing for Health

Cleansing for Health and Protection 

Cleansing is a controversial subject, generally misunderstood, ignored by many yet fundamental for our health especially in this toxic era. When done right, it plays a major role against toxins, disease and premature aging. However, if you do it half-heartedly you may cause more harm than good.


Cleansing is not an easy venture. As we need the Holy Spirit for our salvation we also need Him in our daily walk as we renew our minds to cleanse our hearts as well as our physical bodies. We encourage you to sharpen your ears and listen to Him as He leads you and encourages you in this challenging process so that you may be able to present your body to God as a living sacrifice. With that in place, choosing the program that suits your needs, learning how to get started and successfully carrying it through won’t be a problem.

I will never forget this one very cold winter night, when I was picked up from the bus station by Andy, after traveling for hours by coach. I couldn’t believe what I found in his house! The living room and the kitchen were connected; both were littered with used fast food containers and dishes. One side of the sink was stacked with used tea bags and the other with dirty cups and plates.

Although I was hungry and thirsty, I dared not eat anything in that house; not in a million years! I had to stay for two days but they were the longest two days of my life. The following morning, when we went to photocopy some documents, I got myself some distilled water from the gas store and that is what I consumed throughout my stay. I dared not buy any food as I had refused to eat anything on the pretext that I was fasting! Naughty, eh! So fasting saved me from some nasty experience.

Just as much as that house needed cleaning so does your body and mine! There is so much filth in our systems you will be shocked when you start cleansing.

Cleansing: vital for optimum health

Many popular detox diets promise to flush poisons from your body, rid you of excess pounds of fat, clear your complexion and boost your immune system. But just as yoyo diets promise quick fixes, most of these programs never provide lasting results. In fact some of them are suspected to cause unhealthy side effects. Nutrition experts are concerned about possible risks from lengthy or repeated fasts and severe detox programs.

They warn against severe bowel movements, nutritional deficiencies like muscle breakdown due to lack of protein, lack of certain vitamins and insufficient calories, and also blood-sugar related problems. Since many of these programs tend to interfere with the blood sugar, potassium and sodium levels in the body, children, the youth, the elderly, and those with certain digestive conditions, diabetes, heart or kidney disease, pregnant or nursing should not use them.

Even if you are generally healthy, do not start any cleansing program or procedure without contacting your physician or family nutritionist.

It is a fact that the body is constantly cleaning itself and it is well equipped if you lead a healthy lifestyle. But it cannot dispose of all the unwanted substances and toxins that buildup due to poor choices of food and overall poor lifestyle. Compare your body to the engine of an automobile.

Periodically, it needs a thorough cleansing so that it may perform its duties optimally. The car needs a regular service, right?

If you overload your system with impurities, eventually it will breakdown. Furthermore, most of the food on the market today clogs and damages the body. While we need to cleanse our bodies even when feeding them right, it is more critical that we regularly cleanse them of the dangerous waste left behind by killer ingredients like trans-fats, irradiated food, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and processed foods which cause degenerative diseases. It is most unfortunate that cleansing, which is vital for a healthy immune system, our main defense against disease, is often neglected by most individuals. The list of diseases that could result from congesting our bodies with bad food and other pollutants which turn into toxins is endless. It includes many types of cancer, immune-related diseases, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and many more. Pg 86-103