Free Range Chicken

Free range chickens are the ones that roam outdoors on pasture. They are usually healthier than those kept in crowded cages in commercial poultry houses.

dsci0172 The feeds given to commercial hens are the cheapest possible mixture of corn, soy, cottonseed meals, with many types of additives mixed in. These additives often include growth hormones, meat and bone meals, as well as antibiotics and chemicals, to keep the chickens awake longer and producing more.


The commercial chicken has a much shorter lifespan due to stress, illness and general disease than does a free range chicken. Free range chickens and eggs contain higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A and E



Free Range Sheep

dsci0247Some of the protein foods you eat contain all the amino acids needed by the body and they are known as ‘complete proteins’. Most animal proteins belong to this group. Examples of foods with complete protein include: meats, fish, eggs and dairy products such as cheese or yogurt.


In the olden days complete proteins were called ‘first class’ proteins. It made sense then because that is what you got from animal proteins; first class quality proteins, (animals fed on natural healthy grass grown on nutrient rich soil). Regrettably, most of our animal protein these days comes with a lot of growth hormones, preservatives and other additives which are harmful to our health. The growth hormones make the meat and milk very fatty and a lot of toxins are stored in the fat. These animals are also treated with
lots of antibiotics which stay in the meat. When we consume this meat, the antibiotics negatively affect our immune systems.


Unfortunately, there is a tendency of over consumption of these protein foods. This puts a heavy burden on the organs connected with digestion, waste removal and the immune system. For optimum health you have to make wise choices when buying and ordering food. For example, if you love to eat beef, stick to the leanest cuts. Fish or poultry are excellent alternatives to beef. Combine with plant foods to reduce the portion of the beef or cheese.