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A Mother of 4, grandma of 13, teacher and promoter of health Margaret draws from her experience to encourage you improve your health through proper nutrition, good healthy habits and Bible principles.

Her interest in nutrition was aroused while in high school at a Christian boarding school in her mother land, Uganda.  She joined a visiting club which was involved with visiting and helping people in the neighborhood. Little did she know that her future was being shaped by her first introduced to malnutrition. Her heart went out to these innocent children and mothers. Their needs were so apparent yet little could be done to relieve their misery.

After graduating from Buffalo State University College, NYUSA, with BSC in Dietetics, she taught Nutrition in high school. She later became a lecturer of Nutrition and Home Economics at National Teachers College Kyambogo, Uganda. Concurrently, she was an External Examiner and Moderator of Foods and Nutrition for the East African Examination Board. (Uganda & Kenya)

During Idi Amin’s brutal and despotic rule, Margaret and her family were forced to leave the country after horrific experiences.

She’s worked with Uganda AIDS Fund UK promoting healthy lifestyles and good nutritional habits for those living with HIV/AIDS. Her volunteer service includes over ten years with Cluster Branches MinistryUK, ministering to disadvantaged women and their families, and also a year as assistant chaplain for a hospital in California US. She lives in Georgia US and is devoted to researching health issues and helping others achieve optimum health.


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